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This website about Maestro Debit Cards goes way back ánd looks into the near and far future. We offer a concise introduction on the use of Maestro Debit Cards in online casino's or at other merchants that offers Maestro casino services, while we also discuss why Maestro might become very important in the near future of transaction processing. This website therefore is mainly dedicated to discussion of a payment method that forms in many countries the core of everyday life, at least when it comes to banking and paying for products and services. But most of all, we focus on how this payment method can be used in online casino's.

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No Bonus Casino thinks it is relevant to fully discuss the payment method and mention all the details that make this payment method such a success in Europe and even in countries that do not even border Europe. Because many of the transactions online are somehow linked to online casino's or online gambling, it is even more important to name all the important elements that make people use this payment method. In the next two section of this page, you'll find exactly what we are about to discuss on this website; important information on Maestro and even more important information on online casino's. But we now start with a description of what the card actually does.

Maestro: how does it work?
Maestro is a large supplier of debit cards to banks. That is, in short, what this company does and why we call the 'products' customers receive the 'Maestro Debit Card'. Basically, this means that if a bank has a deal with Maestro (a company owned and started by the more famous Master Card), the bank uses their payment network and that Maestro takes care of processing the transactions. In some countries, the payment method was first also know as Switch, but nowadays a Maestro logo on your debit card means that your bank makes use of this payment method and that it becomes significantly more easy to pay in shops and at gas stations (for example). 

So, how does it work? Well, once you apply for a debit card at a branch of your local or favorite bank, they file an application for an debit card with the Maestro logo. This debit cards is awarded to you and at the same time you will be provided a 4- or 6-digit personal authentication number. With this number, you are able to withdraw money from ATM's, to pay in shops and at restaurants and to pay online for your favorite products and services. Over 500 million bank account holders use a debit card with the Maestro Logo on it.

Maestro Debit Card: single pages that discuss relevant information
First, we are about to name three important elements of Maestro Debit Cards. We do this via 'single webpages', which you'll find in the menu. There is a single page that offers information on the history of the cards. Where is it's origin? And why is it that these cards have become more and more important over the years, even to the level of sheer dependence? A second element that we discuss and that is part of a single page as well, deals with the availability of these cards. Because we are a truly European website, we consider it important that you know exactly where to use and how to use Maestro. A third page discusses some future developments.

All about Maestro Casino Online

Next, we also focus on another important element of online transaction with this unique payment method and that is the availability of Maestro in online casino's. First, we discuss and focus on the question of why an online casino uses such a payment method and also why online casino's try to persuade as many people as possible to use this service. Second, we focus on the protection of the transactions you and I make with a Maestro debit card. How does this work and why is it that important to never share any personal details with complete strangers? This is also a topic of a single page you'll find in the menu. 

Maestro Casino's: what is important in order to make a decision?
Using the MasterCard Secure Code or using a banking device that provides authentication, you will be able to transfer money to an online casino. But, and this is something people tend to forget or even ignore, how to make a decision and select your favorite or at least a casino that functions properly? Of course, Maestro should be included in the array of payment methods offered by the casino at hand, but there are many more aspects that should be discussed before one decided to make a transfer to a certain casino. Below, you'll find a couple of the criteria we used to select the 5 casino's on this website.

Most important is the reputation of a website/ online casino. There are several ways to check whether this reputation is at the level you want it to before you decide to make a deposit in your real money account. The best way is to look at two things: first, check whether the casinos offers familiar and trusted payment methods, like Maestro or MasterCard. Because the companies which offer these payment methods are even more dependent on their reputation, they have special compliance departments that check whether the merchants offering their payment methods do not involve in fraudulent activities. If this is not the case, then the casino can use the payment method offered by Maestro or MasterCard

The second way to check for the reputation of an online casino is to visit several websites that review casino's. In most of these cases, crew members of such review websites visit the websites, play a couple of games and check whether the transaction processing and the payment methods are up to such a standard that they would recommend such a casino to other people. We did both of the above two tests and found 5 different casino's that offers the best of the online casino sector: Maestro as a payment method, top games and even more.

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