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Betfair is one of the best Maestro supported suppliers of games of chance on the market. That is mainly because this casino and also intermediary on sports betting (more on this topic later) has a slightly different approach towards customer friendly services than other casino's and suppliers of games of chance. In other words; this company excels in what they do, to an extent that they have been granted many awards for their innovative services offered on the market. Let's get in more detail on what the Betfair Casino actually offers!

The element of their service that is the best known, actually across the globe and worldwide, is the betting exchange. With such an exchange, players can determine what they think a certain sports game is worth. Other players can accepts or reject this notation and determine their own. After a while, a balance comes into existence and that balance can be used to place the bets. There is a small margin for Betfair; handling costs. In the casino, there is a such a feature as well. Three games (Baccarat, Blackjack and Jacks or Better) are on offer with Zero House-win This means that there is no margin deducted from the winnings. Now, ain't that a service?

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Betfair Casino

Gameplay, games and software at the Betfair Casino
The Betfair Maestro Casino uses software from Chartwell, a well-known supplier of casino games for online merchants. You get to choose between an instant play casino and a casino that is available only after a download and install procedure on your computer. While the instant play casino is accessible right away, it takes some extra time to download and install the software on your computer. The quality of the gameplay for a downloaded version of the casino, is however slightly better and worth the extra effort.

Many games are available and of course the Zero House-win games attract most of the attention. However, other games such as Craps, European Roulette, and Pinball Roulette offer some interesting and time consuming features as well. There is no need to rush to the casino and start playing right away On the contrary; it is advisable to have a look at the 'casino' page before you start play and go through all the games on offer by Betfair. You'll see that there is some high quality available. 

Banking, Maestro and other payment methods at the Betfair Casino
Some casino's place their information about banking and payment methods on a very visible position of the main homepage. Betfair does not. You'll have to scroll all the way down to the footer and select the option of 'Payment Methods', which is somewhere in the middle. There you'll find a list of different payment methods, including of course Maestro. Maestro is since a while available for online transactions and Betfair has reckoned this to a great extent: Maestro is one of the top payment methods on their website.

To make a deposit in the Betfair Maestro Casino, all you need to do this is find out whether Maestro supports such transactions in your country and whether they require a personal identification number (PIN) or the MasterCard Secure Code. Maestro allows for online transactions in many countries and you might sense that using this payment method will give you an advantage in speed and reliability. The money is instantly credited to your bank account, making this payment method one of the best on the market.

All about Betfair Maestro Casino Online

Bonuses, promotions and the like at this casino
There is an important remark to make about the bonuses and promotions at the Betfair Casino; they distinguish between the instant play Flash Casino and the download casino. This implies that playing in the download casino has other consequences than playing in the instant play casino. The bonus for the first deposit is, at the download casino €250, maximum. A bonus in the form of a match-up of 100%.

In the instant play casino, the bonus is significantly lower. There is only a bonus of €50, in the form of 100% bonus match-up available. The reason for this difference is that Betfair wants to stimulate using the download casino, due to issues with bandwidth In the long run, it is cheaper to play in a downloaded casino than to play in an instant play casino. Requirements for wagering are pretty good at the Betfair Casino.

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