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Payment methods in online casino's
Online transactions are at the very core of an online casino. Just think about it for a couple of seconds. Without the availability of several payment methods that allow customers for a transfer of money to their account, it becomes impossible to offer your services and generate enough turnover to avoid bankruptcy for even a month. That's why an online casino always shall and will pay the utmost attention to new payment methods and to existing methods that improve their services or offer better value for money.

Maestro is somewhere in between the two options described above. The payment method has not been available online since long, but it builds on an infrastructure of millions of shops, payment gateway and digital transfers. With over 500 million customers (via the banks that provide debit cards with the Maestro logo and payment solution), there is a vast amount of online gamers that are willing to use this debit card to their own advantage. An online casino can simply not ignore this need for a payment method and that's why Maestro is available. But that's not the only reason; Maestro offers advantages for both casino's and players and three of them are listed below.

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The advantages of Maestro – I

We start with the main advantage for players in online casino's that like to make use of Maestro for sufficing their gamblers need and their need for an payment method that offers flexibility and speedy transactions. Because that is what Maestro does. The company allows for direct transfers and instant payments; within the blink of an eye, the money is credited to your real money account and all you have to do is use your debit card, previously issued by the bank you have opened up an account. This advantage is actually twofold.

First, players are able to transfer money with a bank account that has already been registered and opened. There is no need for extra procedures, provision of personal details to an unknown and untrusted party. It is all at the bank, where it should be safe. Second, players get instantly credited and debited. Opposite to a credit card, the money you transfer via an Maestro transaction is immediately deducted from your savings or bank account, while with a credit card you usually have to wait until the end of the month.

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The advantages of Maestro -II

The second advantage we would like to point at, is that when making use of Maestro for purposes of online casino gaming, you get the chance to use a network that already exists for ages. Or at least; decades. Actually, this is an advantage to the online casino as well. The costs of operation such a network are calculated over many different users and not only attributed to the few that make use of the online system. This makes Maestro a cheap deposit method, solely because it makes use of existing infrastructure.

Most of the players and consumers of online casino's are not aware of the actual costs of a transaction. Therefore, in some cases, an online casino has a 'topping up' issued when you make a deposit. A fee that makes sure that the casino can bear the costs of the particular payment method and that these costs are covered. While the casino is truly aware of this fact, players are not and usually opt for the cheapest payment method. Maestro is very cheap and hence in the benefit of both the online casino and the player who loves online casino games.

The advantages of Maestro  III

Last but not least, we offer a third advantage of the Maestro Debit Cards and its use in online casino's or at other merchants. The company that operates the debit cards is MasterCard, a very well-known company and probably one of the best on the markets. And above all; one with a very large and well-equipped compliance department. Such a department checks whether the merchants that use their products, do not do any damage to the reputation of the brand MasterCard.

Why this is good news? Well, once you've decided to use Maestro for online casino transactions, you will be supported by all whole team that scrutinizes the casino that you are likely to play in. Doing this, they make sure that the casino is a safe environment for consumers and customers and that every one who is willing to play there, gets the protection needed. Win-win for both consumer and casino.

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