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The basis of online transactions: encryption
The internet is full of different threats. Personal details that fall in the wrong hands; money that is deducted from your bank account balance without any reference or misuse of your e-mail address The list of different problems, threats and issues that are there on the internet, is endless. Of course, the list gets smaller, but the fact that there still is such a list, makes people feel wary about whether they should pay online for their services. And even worse; wary about the use of payment methods in online casino's. People feel that they cannot be sure about where their money is heading and where their details are stored.

In some cases, these feelings do right to the situation and the fraudulent activities as they are developed or offered by the merchant or even worse, total fraud, that offers a service. However, many online merchants make use of still improving software and payment methods, which limits the risks of their consumers being subject of a case of identity theft or the like. Payment methods also do their work; the make sure that all money is transferred via encrypted connections. An encrypted connection works via a password key on both sides of the line: sender and receiver. The line and the transaction are hereby protected against intruders that want to ambush the connection or misuse the data that goes from A to B. Below you'll find how Maestro deals with this issue.

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Transferring money with Maestro: digital and online
Maestro already has a great network of different encrypted network available. That is mainly because Maestro needs to be sure that their online transactions, or at least the transactions performed via a merchant that offers Maestro as a payment method, are done safely and without the risk of the transaction being liable to fraud. How Maestro does this? Well, first of all via a a division between all details of the consumers, their bank accounts and the information stored at the bank. This way, hackers cannot hack the data because it is protected in multiple ways or in a way that you need other data before you have any use in the data you've just stolen.

Next, they involve their normal network, which is already in use by hundreds of millions of consumers and banks worldwide. This network provides the basis of the transactions and connect the information about customers with the information that the bank has on the bank account of the cardholder. Once the cardholder makes an online transaction, it is via this encrypted network and the coding that takes place at both ends of the 'line' that he or she can subtract money from the bank account and transfers this to an online casino. Once this is done, the connection will be shut down immediately, so that no one can access the data.

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  1. Keep your passwords and personal details safe.
  2. Do not send any bankaccount information to people that request this information from you.
  3. Always keep your personal identification number (PIN) to yourself.
  4. Regularly change passwords of you internet banking, your access to your bank account and your e-mailadressess.
  5. Always check for the official logo of a payment method on the website of for example an online casino.
  6. Rely on your 'gut feeling'; if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.


Keep your debit card or any other information about your bank account in the same place as the codes you use for cash withdrawals or your pin.


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