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Welcome to Roxy Palace Maestro Casino:

The Roxy Palace Casino is everything you want an online casino to be. It offers great value for money, excellent games and easy to comprehend procedures and games. That's why we've selected this casino for a further review on this website and that's also why we dedicate a whole page to the casino. Before we go into more depth about the software, gameplay and bonuses, we would first like to pay some attention to the concept that is behind this Maestro Casino. There is more to this casino than one would say after a first impression.

And because a first impression is one of the most important aspects of trust in a service or product, we understand that you might have to think twice about the Roxy Palace Casino. Of course, Maestro is a payment method and that already is an indication of quality in itself. But the front page of this website looks, to say the least, a bit crying. Crying for attention, that is. Also, the claim that they have over 350 games available looks a bit awkward and even arrogant. If they are that good, then why such a front page? Because they are that good: the Maestro Roxy Palace Casino is one of the best on the market, exactly due to the tremendous amount of games. More on this subject is in the following sections.

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Roxy Palace Maestro Casino

Gameplay, games and software at the Roxy Palace Casino
Every consumer independently makes the decision to start playing in an online casino or to ignore a certain casino when they visit the website. That is a known fact and there is little to discuss about it; an online casino should just fit and 'feel right'. The Roxy Palace Casino feels, due to the availability of Maestro and other payment methods, right. That is not only because of these payment methods, it is also due to the fact that the software of Microgaming is used at full stretch by the Roxy Palace crew. 350 games is absolutely enormous.

And these games are of high quality as well. With one important remark: the quality of the games in the casino that you download and install on your hard drive, is slightly better than the quality of the games in the Flash Casino. For a full and complete casino experience you just need to install the software. Once installed, games like Hellboy, Tomb Raider and many others are there to fulfill your casino needs. Play for hours on end and enjoy the best the online casino sector has to offer. 

Banking, Maestro and other payment methods at the Roxy Palace Casino
Nearly all online casino's use different headings to indicate which payment methods they have available for processing transactions and so does the Roxy Palace Casino. This Maestro Casino uses the heading 'Banking', which is to be found in the main header on the front page of their website. You then find a list of different methods, including of course Maestro. When Maestro is available in your country of residence, there are multiple ways to transfer the money.

It might be that you should register for the so-called MasterCard Secure Code. This is an online code that allows transactions with Maestro Debit Cards and also for banking in an online casino. It might also be that you can suffice with the same tools you use for normal banking, such as a authentication method on basis of a personal identification number (PIN). A general conclusion can not be made; it depends on your country of residence and your bank. Maestro is not the only payment method available; among others, Solo, MasterCard, Visa and many other banking tools are at your disposal.

All about Roxy Palace Maestro Casino Online

Bonuses, promotions and the like at this casino
A deposit with Maestro and free money to play online casino games with? For real? Well, at the Roxy Palace Casino they allow for transfers of money with Maestro and even better. You are entitled to a nice bonus once you made a deposit. Or actually; if you make a first deposit, you qualify for this particular bonus. The bonus is 100% of your first deposit, with a maximum value of €100.

A quick calculation teaches that we immediately have a value of €200 to play with, once you've made a deposit of €100. The money is credited right away, so there is no need to wait for the bank to approve the deposit. For regular players, the Maestro Roxy Palace Casino offers even better opportunities; keep an eye on your e-mail for the latest promotional offers.


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